Why I Give

I support the Senior Living Foundation of the Foreign Service to honor my colleagues and thank them for their service to our Nation. Much of my own Foreign Service career involved caring for private American citizens abroad. I feel we can do no less for our own friends and colleagues and I am humbled to be part of the Foundation's great work to address their needs. Please join us!

Ambassador Maura Harty

The Foreign Service has been my family- close friends, colleagues under fire, and partners in life's adventures. That camaraderie is what excites me about the Senior Living Foundation - established by colleagues to support those of our Service who have special needs late in life. They served before us and need our help now. The Foundation keeps the spirit and camaraderie of our Service alive as it reaches out with care and concern to those who went before us.

Ambassador Edward 'Skip' Gnehm

I still remember the day that I received the dreaded phone call that my mother had suffered a stroke and would no longer be able to live at home. Not knowing where to turn, I called the Senior Living Foundation. They were quick to provide comfort and wise guidance on options to consider and information on trusted service providers to contact. When I started to support the Senior Living Foundation years ago, little did I know how vital they would become to providing support and care for a family member.

Ambassador Charles A. Ford

It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to serve on the SLF board. Still relatively unknown to the wider Foreign Service community, the SLF makes a significant impact on several lives. Our grants, and the wise counsel of the staff have on some cases made a life altering difference in the lives of those who turn to us for help. It is heartening that we can "give back" to some with whom we have served.

Ambassador Sharon Wilkinson

How to Give

Search with Good Search

Complete a free registration with www.goodsearch.com. Designate the Senior Living Foundation as your charity of choice. Then, you will donate to the Senior Living Foundation through your everyday Internet searches. The Foundation receives a contribution every time you complete a search.

Shop with Good Shop

Create an account on www.goodshop.com. Make the Senior Living Foundation your preferred charity. Then, you will donate to the Senior Living Foundation through your Internet shopping. Goodshop works with more than 5,000 stores to provide the best deals and coupons. These top stores donate up to 20% of your purchase directly back to the Senior Living Foundation.

Spread the Word

Copy and paste the following messages to your favorite social media site:

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Give the Gift of a Donation

Have a special occasion coming up? A birthday? An anniversary? Ask your friends and family to give to the Senior Living Foundation instead of a gift. This is a great way to use your special occasion to help those in need.

Create an Ongoing Legacy

Create a legacy that will continue to support the Senior Living Foundation for years to come through your planned giving. Your plans today can help secure the future for many others. Contact us at 202-887-8170 to discuss how you can give to the Foundation. You can also click here  (PDF) to learn about our Legacy Action Group.

Memorial Donations and Donors

Memorial donations are alphabetized by the name of the honoree; the donor's name is listed thereafter. We update our memorial donations list quarterly. If you have made a memorial donation and do not see your name listed below, please contact us.

In memory of Louis F. Blanchard

Mary Blanchard Davidson

In memory of Thomas I. Carolan, Jr.

Maria Carolan

In memory of C. Edward Dillery

Douglas and Evelyn Watson

In memory of Edward I. Donoghue

Frank Correl

In memory of Kathleen Duffy

Carol Duffy

In memory of Myles Frechette

Richard Hawkins

In memory of Townsend B. Friedman

Eli Friedman

In memory of Helen Blanchard Gansey

Mary Blanchard Davidson

In memory of Joseph Gardiano

Howard Sternberger

In memory of John Garney

James Lim

In memory of Coradino Gatti

Sandra Humphrey

In memory of Sandra Hartley

Douglas Hartley

In memory of Larry Ikels

Kendall Montgomery
Leon Weintraub

In memory of Charlie Jacobini

Dianne Jacobini

In memory of Darrell A. Jenks

Leonora Keeley

In memory of James R. Johnston

Elizabeth Schoeb

In memory of Paul Katz

Nga Katz

In memory of Eugene Klebenov

David Simcox

In memory of Hallock R. Lucius

Mary Lucius

In memory of Katheryn Matheron

James Prosser

In memory of David Morrison

Shirley Kane

In memory of Thomas O'Dell

Cary Kassebaum

In memory of Karl Spence Richardson

Sharon Richardson

In memory of William and Sara Rau

Mary Lucius

In memory of Shirley Rinker

Joseph Rinker

In memory of David and Donna Roberts

M. Diane Le Zotte

In memory of Anthony M. Santiano

Anthony Santiano

In memory of Howard B. Schaffer

Jon Gibney

In memory of Donald R. Schoeb

Elizabeth Schoeb

In memory of Josephine Shepherd

Carl Shepherd

In memory of John P. Shumate

Michael Durkee

In memory of Daniel Siglin

My-Zung Ngac-Siglin

In memory of Peter Synodis

M Gertrudis Synodis

In memory of Jane B. Thrope

Mary Blanchard Davidson

In memory of Donald Wehmeyer

Helen Douglass

In memory of John E. Wimberg

Rose Wimberg

In memory of John E. Wimberg

Rose Wimberg

In memory of Donald R. Woodward

Annette Woodward